A Group Of Idyllic Islands Basking In The Warm, Tropical Sun
Those who love sub-marine scenery will be astounded by the beauty to be found under the water’s surface off the island of Temajoh.

Chinese Dancing Dragon
The great Chinese dragon shows combine the oldest to the newest fashions, making it a magnet for many tourists from Asian countries.

Cultural Heritage and Friendly People
The Royal Palace ceremony for the "Pangeran Ratu" (to honor the prince) is annually presented on July 15th.

Mandor Grave Yard And Nature Reserve
The site of ten mass graves where the remains of 21,037 war heroes, religious leaders, intellectuals and local citizens are buried.

Multi-level Waterfall
Unique waterfall that cascades down in seven stages over a vast area to create a fascinating spectacle for visitors to witness.

Entikong Gateway
Classes of transportation ply the route between Indonesia and Malaysia, including luxury buses with full amenities.

A Huge Stone Outcrop Forms A Spectacular Natural Backdrop
This area is a natural destination for the tourist interested in climbing, camping or hiking around the mountain’s base.

Palung Mountain National Park
Well-known for its wildlife. The Orang utan (Pongo pygmaeus) at Gunung Palung National Park and the marine life at Karimata Island provide visitors with unforgettable memories.

Sipadan Marine Park

World famous for its underwater marine life, the Sipadan island is restricted to divers who have a permit. Tourists stay usually at nearby Mabul island where they can enjoy the luxury of the local Mabul Water resort. From there every day, divers go to dive Sipadan and nearby islands.

Betung Kerihun National Park
For the botanically inclined, many new plant species have been discovered including Musa Lawitiensies and the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia.